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The drug Clomid is a medicine that is taken by women, who have problems with ovulation. A lot of women are interested in the question of whether there is high probability of pregnancy with twins as a result of treatment with this drug.

According to statistics, among 20 women, who got pregnant after applying Clomid, only one woman gets twins. The chance of conceiving triplets is even lower.

Many infertility injection drugs increase the chance of conceiving twins or triplets. The use of Clomid leads to twin pregnancy in 5-8% of cases.

Clomid Action

The follicles that are found in a woman’s testicles have immature eggs. Some follicles begin to develop once a month, and only one of them releases an egg as a result of full development.

As a result of using Clomid, the egg begins stimulating female hormones, which leads to the possibility of maturation of more than one egg, which may lead to twin pregnancy.

According to some studies, in 80% of twin pregnancies the twins are not identical.

Multiple pregnancies can occur not only because of drugs that stimulate pregnancy. Woman’s age, physiological characteristics and family history play a significant role.

If a woman is under 25 years old and she does not have any problems with ovulation, but is taking Clomid, then she is more likely to get pregnant with twins.

Pregnancy Symptoms after Taking Clomid

If you got pregnant with twins, then early pregnancy will manifest itself in the common pregnancy symptoms. A pregnancy test or blood test will show that you are pregnant, but you will not be able to determine how many fetuses you have got.

Only an ultrasound will show whether you have more than one fetus.

The twin pregnancy is usually visible on an ultrasound scan at 8 weeks pregnancy period.

Tips for Pregnant Women

If after using Clomid you have become pregnant with twins, then you should not be nervous and worried. If you visit doctors on time and get good prenatal support, then your pregnancy will pass calmly and without complications, like any other pregnancy that happened without taking drugs stimulating pregnancy. Communication and care from close people will help you to cope with all the problems that arise. The main thing is not to panic, monitor your health and the health of your future babies, and follow your doctor's recommendations.

You should visit your obstetrician-gynecologist in a timely manner. If you experience any complications, your doctor will recommend you to visit other specialists.

Chances to get Twins on Clomid

Of course, the risk of complications for women with twin pregnancies is higher than for women having one fetus. It is important whether you have suffered infertility before you got pregnant after taking special medications. There is a risk of premature birth. Therefore, a pregnant woman should be constantly monitored by the attending physician, and if any unpleasant symptoms occur, she should consult a doctor.

In the last weeks of the first pregnancy trimester your doctor will probably prescribe you an ultrasound scan that will show the condition of the twins in the placenta.

The most important thing that you should do after you begin guessing about your pregnancy is to visit a doctor immediately and get an ultrasound procedure. Further, your pregnancy will be monitored by a specialist, whose recommendations you must responsibly follow. Remember that pregnancy is a woman’s great responsibility, as the condition of the babies will directly depend on the behavior and responsibility of the future mother.