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Side Effects of Clomiphene


These side effects are going to be secondary to estrogenic effects. Remember, it's an estrogen modulating agent. It's going to block at certain sites, and it's going to be pro stimulatory estrogenic throughout other parts of the body. This is true. As for men on TRT, I take care of myself, and we see that if you measure estradiol on Clomiphene, then it goes up.

So, number one is that we have to talk about something that's very rare, but it's a classic side effect. There are vision issues, blurry vision, more commonly flashes in the eyes and very rarely vision loss.

Side Effects of Clomiphene

Definitely, going to be dose dependent if you're on a small dose of Clomiphene, you'll you probably won't see this. As men use increased doses, not to mention with other agents, I give warning. The using this drug with others arms and other peptides, we've definitely seen anecdotal and case reports of men having partial areas of blindness. That's been permanent, even after 18 months seeing very good retinal and opera logic experts. So, please be very careful with this for the vision. Although, I think it is very rare. I have patients that are on this sole agent for TRT for many years, and there are no vision issues at all, but they have to be monitored very closely.

As for liver issues, then we don't know this exactly. So, there has been thought in the bodybuilding world that another drug Tamoxifen, another selective estrogen receptor modulator, may be a better drug to use, versus aromatase inhibitors. Why? That’s because they'll be less deleterious effects on the lipid profile. We're back in the liver here. As for the HDL, then we know that Roman ACE inhibitors not to mention testosterone, not to mention steroid levels testosterone and other anabolic steroids, are deleterious and destructive to the HDL. That chronically can be a severe problem for early progression of coronary artery disease for men.

So, this is interesting, we don't know about these effects on the liver, but this is not known to be a liver damaging or a liver toxic agent. It has facts in the liver. And if you're going to be on this drug, for example for TRT, for decades potentially, we have to wonder what it's going to do to the liver itself, because it does mediate through the liver. And we've seen rare anecdotal reports of liver cysts and potentially chronic liver disease. But, I think, this is very rare, and there's no mechanism for this that we've seen in repeat studies to though, but I just want to bring it to report.

Next, we know that if a person has a potential for a hyper quadrille state, they're going to get potential DVTs clots in the lower legs. Classically, that can go up to the lungs and cause a pulmonary embolism, very dangerous. This is a multifactorial state. But if you think about a pro estrogenic state and that this drug can lead to increased estrogen in the body. Can it lead to increased DVTs and clots throughout the body? We don't know again. I've seen more reports of this causing and occurring to men, but it's never used alone. And these are not true medical studies. These are just anecdotal reports and case reports. So, I'm just simply reporting this. If you're a man and you have a hypercoagulable past, for many reasons you have just the genetics for this in your family history, you'd want to be careful for this agent, using this agent for short even long chronic use.

In the last part, the amazing potential for causing paradox of gynecomastia and even testicular tumors are reported. Remember, this drug is going to increase estrogen levels systemically if you take it by itself, and there've been rare reports of men complaining of gynecomastia over time. Remember it's not Tamoxifen. It's the same class as Tamoxifen, but it's not Tamoxifen. So, with this I close my presentation on coma fiend. It's such an amazing history. Everyone, please be careful with any agents. You need to see a physician and be monitored very closely. And I really hope this helps.

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