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RAISING Your Testosterone on Clomid


Today we will talk about Clomiphene Citrate, also known as Clomid. It was created in 1956 to help women with fertility. Let's jump into.

Clomid was actually approved by the FDA in 1967. It was just for women's fertility. So, any doctor that is prescribing Clomid for TRT or anything else that relates to men is prescribing it in what's called off-label. Meaning that they're prescribing it for something that it wasn't approved by the FDA for.

So, what Clomid basically does is it blocks estrogen from interacting with pituitary gland. When estrogen interacts with the pituitary gland less luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormones are created by the testicles, so Clomid by blocking estrogen taking to the pituitary gland actually left the testicles produce more LH and FSH, which then in turn can help race testosterone levels.

Some men do report raising testosterone levels just on Clomid and that would be called monotherapy, because you're just using Clomid to try to trick the body into producing more LH, FSH, which in turn raises the testosterone levels. Some men report that they can raise their testosterone levels 100% to 200%. However, if you're already two hundred level, even if you were to get a 100% gain in testosterone, you're still going to get four hundred. So, Clomid may not be right for everyone.

So, some upsides about Clomid is it does not make your testicles shrink, does not cause them to atrophy in any way. Some patients on TRT just using Clomid to increase their testosterone. May not see as much of a libido increase, because it is moderately estrogenic. The normal dosage range for Clomid is twelve and a half milligrams to fifty milligrams a day. So, some studies have shown that taking vitamin E while taking Clomid just as a monotherapy can help increase the effects of the Clomid increasing the testosterone. But they do stress not to go over 400 IU's of vitamin E per day while taking Clomid. Really no need for it. But if you are taking Clomid as a monotherapy just raise your testosterone, you might as well take some vitamin E everyday as it could possibly help the effects a little bit. So, normal levels of Clomid can actually increase sperm production and can also be used as a fertility medicine for men as well, who had issues with sperm production.

But on the flip side too much Clomid can actually damage sperm production and damage sperm. So, there's a happy medium just like everything else. So, if you using Clomid for fertility do what your doctor says and stick with that level of amount that he's given you each day. Don't go high you're thinking that's going to do more.

So, one of the major side effects and drawbacks of Clomid is outside of just some normal side effects you see on any medicine label - it can call us blurry vision, as well as possibly some permanent vision issues. So, I would definitely recommend being very careful with Clomid. I would not go above 50 milligrams per day and if you experience any types of side effects with your eyes or your vision, I would discontinue use immediately.

So, my thoughts are what I've seen I have seen some people report that they have gotten pretty decent results with Clomid. It's mostly people that don't want to jump on TRT yet, they're a little nervous about it, they don't know if they want to stay on something for the rest of their life, so they're going to try Clomid first. And some people have reported good numbers. Not crazy good not, you know, I was at 200 down 900 it's usually I was at 300 I'm not like 450 maybe 500 right now, but I also have seen lots of people say that barely did anything to raise their test levels and they got vision problems and had to discontinue use. Now I haven't seen anyone say that they had permanent vision issues, but while they were taking it, they got blurry vision and the odds just felt weird, so they discontinued.

Steroid users having using Clomid for a very long time. It's pretty much a staple in the bodybuilding world and the steroid world. But they don't use it to raise the natural testosterone, they use it when they come off of a cycle because their body is not producing any natural testosterone, they will use Clomid along with some other things to get their body to start producing testosterone again. They also use HCG, but Clomid seems to be the most popular so that's just something to keep in mind these guys who are doing cycles and are super jacked at the gym, they're using Clomid as a post cycle therapy to get their body to kick started back in producing testosterone, but they are not using it to just increase their natural testosterone levels.

So, my overall thoughts on Clomid. I personally think that Clomid is okay. It's not bad. It may be something to try if it's something that your doctor is willing to let you do but not try something else first. You know, a lot of people say “well my doctor wants me to start on Clomid to see what we can do with that instead of jumping right to testosterone” and I think that's perfectly good way to go about it if that's what your doctor wants you to do, because sometimes you have to do what your doctor says and if the results are good that's great. But if not, then you can kind of push your doctor to go in the direction of it you should be going to with your testosterone if the Clomid doesn’t work.

RAISING Your Testosterone on Clomid

Now Clomid compared to HCG

I personally have seen people with much better results on HCG. Just in my personal opinion or what I've seen I would much rather just try HCG instead of Clomid if I wasn't doing any type of testosterone. HCG just seems to raise your testosterone levels a little bit more, but a lot of people will try Clomid first because it's pill form, HCG is a liquid, which doesn't have a long shelf life so that's another thing that makes Clomid a little easier. Clomid is just a pill to swallow, HCG is a liquid that you have to eject and it's only good for 35 to 60 days in the refrigerator. So, you know Clomid does have some advantages and convenience but overall, I was just starting out and I had to pick one of the other I would go with HCG personally. But I don't want to scourge you from trying Clomid defense with your doctor wants you to try. Follow what he says, see what the results are. If you get good results and you don't have any side effects and your visions fine, then Clomid may be a good solution for you. But if it's not then you could even possibly try HCG monotherapy and if that doesn't work then you could start work talking to doctor and exploring testosterone as an avenue to raise your testosterone levels and get your hormones back in check.

So, that's really all I have about Clomid. It can work, it does work for some. It does have one nasty side effect that can occur which is the blurry vision. Compared to HCG I personally go with HCG, but Clomid is pretty cheap, it's easier to take, it has a longer shelf life. So, like everything in life there's pros and cons but that's pretty much all I have on Clomid.

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