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How Much Time to Take Clomid?


A woman can use ovulation medications for a number of reasons. One reason is that they simply don't ovulate. Other reason is that women, actually, ovulate, but need to use the medicines to produce more eggs to increase their chances of pregnancy in that cycle.

There are tests that women can undergo to determine whether they're ovulating, including blood tests and ultrasound. Typically, you should contact your physician to find out which test is going to be best for you. A male factor would be the first thing to consider the analysis, and the partner or husband would determine that. Second is that she could have two or more blockage, and there are a number of tests that can be performed to determine whether the tubes are open.

Clomid would be an example of an oral medication. Since it just helps the brain to stimulate the ovaries, you're not going to make as many eggs. Fertility shots, which are genetically, actually, stimulate the ovaries directly, so that you make more eggs. And this would increase your chances for pregnancy in that cycle.

In general, most patients will be pregnant within three cycles of treatment with Clomid. If they are not, it is definitely time to consider moving to another treatment option. This rule of three does apply to other forms of treatment, as well including injectable medications and IVF.

How Much Time to Take Clomid?

How to Know Which Medication is Right for Me?

This is a very personal decision that's made between you and your partner, your physician, the nursing staff and other support staff within the fertility clinic itself. It's really important to remember that as a woman gets older. Fertility significantly declines particularly after age 40. Therefore, treatment options tend to lean towards more aggressive forms of therapy.

For those, who have a needle phobia, we can employ the help of your husband or partner. We can also look at other people in your life that may be able to be supportive, such as friends or family that are trying to help you through this process.

Time for Treatment

There really is no set time for infertility treatment. Treatment length will vary from couple to couple. The key point is to have a treatment plan, which is developed by you and your physician.

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