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The drug Clomid (clomiphene citrate) is a medication that is indicated for the treatment of infertility within women, who have problems with ovulation. As a result of taking Clomid, such hormones as luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone are released in the female body, which plays a significant role in ovulation. The drug is a prescription medicine and is dispensed in pharmacies only by the doctor’s prescription.

How And Where Can You Buy Clomid?                      

Clomid is a widely used drug. It is not expensive and is available to the majority of patients.

Depending on the brand releasing this medicine, the price for it may be 9-150 US dollars. Usually if you need the medicine in a higher dosage, then its price will be higher. If the doctor has prescribed the drug for you, then you can buy it at any local pharmacy when showing the doctor’s prescription to the pharmacist. The prices in different pharmacies may vary.

Before you go to the pharmacy you can call there and ask about the price of the medication, as well as to determine whether it will be cheaper if you want to buy a monthly supply of the drug. The cost for Clomid in a dosage of 50 mg can vary from 10 to 50 US dollars in different pharmacies.

The pharmacies that sell Clomid 50 mg at a lower price may have a higher price for the drug in high dosage, compared to other pharmacies. Some pharmacies may offer discounts to their customers.

Before you buy the drug it is recommended to find out in which drugstore you will be offered the most favorable purchase conditions.

Should You Buy Clomid Online?                         

Nowadays many people order medications in online pharmacies. However, when ordering something online, you should be extremely careful, as there is a possibility of getting low-quality or fake goods. Try to check the web-site that you use to order the drug. You can check if this web-site is listed as a pharmacy approved by the National-Associations of Boards-of-Pharmacy. You can also read customer reviews of the online pharmacy you have chosen, as well as monitor the pharmacy rating among other electronic pharmacies. Take into account that prices in different online pharmacies may also vary.

Dangers of Buying Clomid without Prescription

Any new medication should be taken only after consulting with a doctor, as you may not always be sure that this medicine is suitable for you.

If you are trying to get the medication without a prescription, then you should know that there is no any guarantee that you will receive a quality medicine. The problem of selling over-the-counter drugs is widespread today, when many online pharmacies sell medicines without a prescription.

Also, the patient cannot always consciously establish, which drugs he or she needs, because of sufficient incompetence and a lack of any knowledge in the medical sphere.

How and Where Can I Buy Clomid

Using Clomid without a doctor’s prescription increases the risk of getting unpleasant side effects, which can include severe abdominal pain, mood swings, vision problems, uterine lining and other undesirable effects. Wrong method of taking the drug or the use of fake over-the-counter medications can reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Remember that there are many crooks in the Internet sphere, and by purchasing medical products in illegal online pharmacies, you can not only purchase a poor-quality medication, but also become a victim of scammers and lose the finances from your credit card, the number of which you indicated on the web-site.