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The drug Clomid became widely known in the 1970s when it was commonly prescribed to women suffering from infertility. Later, many bodybuilders began widely using it in order to stimulate the production of testosterone in the body after a course of taking steroid medications. Clomid is also taken in order to suppress negative side effects, caused by taking anabolic steroids. Nowadays this drug is popular among bodybuilders all over the world.

It is an anti-estrogenic drug that influences on the brain receptors, which are connected with the formation of sex hormones. Clomid is widely popular among bodybuilders nowadays, as it helps to normalize male hormones on time, which plays a significant role for all sportsmen, who always try to maintain their shape and health.

Clomid Tablets After Cycle

Clomid for Bodybuilders

Today, many bodybuilders use Clomid, as it has a lot of properties, which are useful for the sportsmen of their type. This drug helps to increase testosterone level. After taking Clomid, an increase in the number of those hormones that affect the formation of follicles is observed. It should also be noted that the bodybuilders, who take this drug, have higher GnRH formation.

Many bodybuilders take steroid medication courses to improve their sport records in the bodybuilding sphere. However, it is proved that steroids significantly reduce the level of sex hormones, which makes it useless to use various food additives in order to normalize hormones. Clomid components affect the level of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, which help the male body to produce enough testosterone. The active substance Clomiphene helps to control the activity of estrogen receptors.

Clomid Effects

Usually, after taking Clomid for several days, a person begins observing the following positive results:

  1. The level of FSH and LH is maximally normalized.
  2. The level of male hormone is normalized.
  3. The level of testosterone rises up.

Each person taking Clomid has different periods of hormone recovery, since this process is individual, but in general, the body recovers in 2 weeks, although, in some cases the process can last up to 90 days.

Application Method

The process of body restoration after using steroids depends on the type of steroid drugs that the bodybuilder took. Before taking Clomid, you should wait on average 10 days, when the steroid ceases to affect the body and reaches its half-life period.

It is recommended to begin using the drug with the maximum allowable dosage. Gradually the initial dosage is decreased.

Generally, the first 3 days, the drug is taken in a dosage of 150 mg. The next 12 days, the dose reaches 100 mg. The next 15 days, the dosage is reduced to 50 mg. The last 15 days of the course, the dosage of Clomid reaches 25 mg.

Each case is individual, therefore, before taking this drug, it is recommended to consult a doctor. You should carefully read the instructions for use and follow the dosage regimen.

The majority of the bodybuilders, who took Clomid, note that it is effective in maintaining a good shape and body performance for the sportsmen. The most important thing, which should be observed, is taking the drug under the supervision of your specialist and establishing the correct dosage. When you use this drug, you should understand that positive results may not be immediately visible. You should be patient and take the drug correctly. After some time you will experience the effectiveness of Clomid and good results in reaching your aim.